Vizaport AI Chatbot – Now With Google Gemini

May 10, 2024 | General


From Zero to Chatbot in 3 minutes…that’s all it takes with Vizaport’s latest WordPress Plugin update. Version 1.2 now comes with an option to choose Google Gemini. You still have the option to use OpenAI, but choosing Gemini bypasses the requirement of obtaining a license key, at least through the end of 2024.

Free Access to Google Gemini 3.5
The biggest news from this update is that our AI Chatbot plugin is now completely free when you choose the Google Gemini model. While OpenAI is still an option, using it requires obtaining an OpenAI key and may incur additional costs. With Google Gemini, you can unlock the full potential of AI chatbots without any additional fees throughout 2024, as long as you stay within our limit of 10,000 chat requests per month (see terms).

Flexible AI Prompting for Improved Guidance
We’ve also added support for AI prompts up to 200 characters long, allowing you to guide the AI’s responses more effectively. For example, you can set a prompt like “Answer questions about <your company name>” to ensure the chatbot stays on track and provides relevant answers. This level of customization helps you maintain a consistent tone and focus throughout the chatbot’s interactions with your website visitors.

Quick and Easy Installation – 3 Minutes or Less
Getting started with our plugin has never been simpler, all in under three minutes.

Installation Walkthrough

Step 1: Sign into WordPress, go to Plugins > Add new. Under Search, type: Vizaport AI Chat. Click Install and Activate.

Step 2: Go to Installed Plugins, find Vizaport AI Chat, and click Settings. First, choose your AI model. Underneath the dropdown, we suggest modifying the AI Prompt to be specific to your company’s products and/or services. Next, you may change configuration settings for your widget placement, colors and text. Click Save & Preview after finalizing settings.

Step 3: After clicking Save & Preview, the AI icon will appear at the bottom of your admin page. Click the AI icon to open the chatbot. As needed, go back and make changes to customize your widget. When you’re ready to publish your AI chatbot across all pages, click Add Widget at the bottom of the page.

That’s it! We hope you enjoy your new AI-powered chatbot. And if so, please rate us on WordPress. If you have comments or suggestions, shoot us a note at Lastly, for the greatest level of accuracy, check out the paid version of the Vizaport chat widget, which comes with customized AI training. It is also easy to install on any WordPress site, or any website for that matter.

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