Celito Deploys Vizaport’s Network Visualizer

Jun 26, 2024 | Uncategorized, Vizaport


Celito, a leading fiber internet provider in the Raleigh Durham metro area, has taken a significant step to improve its customer experience by partnering with Vizaport. The collaboration is designed to streamline Celito’s online sales process while highlighting the company’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric service.

The Need to Streamline the Sales Process

When Danny Bottoms, CEO of Celito, sought to enhance customers’ ability to quickly evaluate fiber connectivity options his team turned to Vizaport to free up internal team members from manually evaluating each customer inquiry.  With Vizaport, Celito embedded a visual, interactive tool as part of their website. This AI-powered solution can be launched in a few minutes using Vizaport’s AI training tool and allows prospective customers to view Celito’s fiber network in 2D maps and vivid 3D Imagery while instantly providing details on fiber availability for specific locations.

“We wanted to deploy a visual representation of our network on our website for quite awhile, but other priorities always got in the way,” says Danny. “The ease of deployment and maintaining up-to-date network data, at an affordable price, made Vizaport an easy decision.”

Danny Bottoms

CEO, Celito

Users quickly determine if a location is on-net, near-net or off-net with a link at the bottom of the page to connect with a sales representative when connectivity is viable.  Internal personnel can use Vizaport to establish connectivity cost and routes for near-net opportunities.

Celito also chose to display connected buildings and vertical assets residing on their network as a helpful orientation guide.  This information can also prove valuable for wireless operators seeking backhaul-equipped radio mounting locations.

Why Vizaport’s Network Visualizer?

Vizaport simplifies the sales qualification process by integrating AI technology with data visualization allowing network providers to embed a visual, interactive sales tool directly into their website. Network Visualizer calculates optimal routes and associated costs to the closest fiber access points in real-time. Other features include manual route override, creating network rings for redundancy, and generating downloadable KML files. The end result is an AI-driven, user-friendly toolset that enhances the customer experience, accelerates time to quote and improves opportunity conversion rates.

Simplifying AI to Drive Sales Process Improvement 

Vizaport’s proprietary AI integrates with GIS platforms and is easy to set up and launch. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows users to upload KML files of fiber network data and customize the tool with advanced features and branding preferences. Once configured, Vizaport generates a line of HTML code for easy integration into the company’s website – suitable for external or internal use.

Celito anticipates numerous enhancements to their sales and solution design processes.

Increased Conversion Rates and Customer Experience: Simplifying the purchasing journey and removing barriers are expected to result in higher conversion rates as more visitors to the website become paying customers. An interactive and intuitive sales process will also lead to greater customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Planning and Data Utilization: Vizaport’s analytics tools provide Celito with actionable insights, enabling them to refine their offerings and marketing strategies based on real-time data.

Growth and Scalability: As Celito continues to grow, Vizaport’s scalable solution will ensure their sales process can handle increasing traffic and demand without compromising performance or customer experience.

“We are very pleased with Vizaport’s technology as well as their team.  They worked very closely with us to deliver precisely what we wanted.”

Erika Corey

Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, Celito

Looking Ahead

The partnership between Celito and Vizaport is a forward-thinking move that exemplifies Celito’s commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced customer service. As they continue to expand their footprint in the fiber internet market, this collaboration positions them well to meet the evolving needs of their customer base.

Adopting Vizaport propels Celito into the AI arena while enhancing their sales and marketing efforts. Additionally, the significant time saved for sales personnel with Vizaport’s instant opportunity qualification and fast quote turnaround time allows sales engineering resources to focus on complex and higher-value opportunities, ensuring continued growth and scalability over time.

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