How Fiber Providers Can Streamline Sales

May 7, 2024 | Fiber, General


Fiber companies are challenged with the balance of expanding their networks and efficiently closing sales. This is where Vizaport comes in, an AI-driven platform designed to streamline the sales process for fiber providers. Best of all, Vizaport’s widget is easily embedded on your website, enabling interactive data visualizations and custom quotes for your prospective customers. Let’s explore how Vizaport makes this happen through three key benefits: showcasing fiber infrastructure, calculating distance and displaying custom messaging, and enabling prospects to re-route fiber access routes.

Showcase Fiber Routes, Splice Points, On-Net Buildings
One of the biggest challenges for fiber providers is effectively demonstrating the coverage and capabilities of their networks. Sales teams often struggle to visualize complex fiber routes, splice points, and on-net buildings for potential customers. Vizaport changes this by providing a visually engaging platform that allows sales teams to showcase their fiber networks with ease.

With Vizaport, fiber providers can create interactive maps that display their fiber routes, splice points, and on-net buildings. This visualization helps prospects understand the infrastructure in their area and makes it easier for sales teams to highlight their unique selling points. Instead of relying on complex spreadsheets or static maps, Vizaport enables real-time, dynamic presentations that can be tailored to each prospect’s needs.

Calculate Distance to Closest Fiber and Display Custom Messaging
Understanding the proximity of a prospect’s location to the nearest fiber connection is crucial in determining feasibility and cost. Traditionally, this has been a time-consuming process involving manual calculations and approximations. Vizaport simplifies this by automatically calculating the closest distance from a prospect’s requested location to the closest fiber access point.

But Vizaport doesn’t stop at calculations. It takes things a step further by allowing fiber providers to display custom messaging based on these calculations. This means that sales teams can provide tailored information to prospects, such as custom messaging for on-net vs near-net vs off-net connections. By personalizing the message, Vizaport empowers fiber providers to engage prospects with relevant information, increasing the chances of closing a sale.

Enable Prospects to Re-route Fiber Access Routes Based on Preferences
Flexibility is key when it comes to meeting customer needs. In many cases, prospects have specific requirements for where and how fiber is routed to their premises. Vizaport addresses this by allowing prospects to re-route fiber access routes based on their preferences.

This feature not only provides prospects with a sense of control but also opens the door for more meaningful conversations between sales teams and customers. By involving prospects in the planning process, Vizaport creates a collaborative environment that fosters trust and understanding. This leads to more informed decisions and ultimately results in better outcomes for both fiber providers and their customers.

Vizaport is transforming the way fiber providers approach sales by offering a platform that is both powerful and user-friendly. By showcasing fiber routes, splice points, and on-net buildings, calculating distance to the closest fiber with custom messaging, and enabling prospects to re-route fiber access routes, Vizaport empowers fiber providers to engage customers in new and effective ways. With Vizaport, the sales process becomes more streamlined, flexible, and responsive to customer needs. If you’re a fiber provider looking to boost sales efficiency and improve customer relationships, schedule a demo below to view these features and advanced ones on our roadmap.

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