Installation Tip: Adding Scripts to WordPress Sites

Mar 25, 2024 | Support


Installing Javascript on a WordPress Site

This article discusses how to add a Javascript <script>, such as Vizaport’s script, to a WordPress site. This article is generic and should apply to any such script, but we will be using an example from Vizaport.

WordPress powers millions of web sites around the world, and thus there are many different WordPress themes and each of these can be configured in different ways. Thus, we expect that developers will choose different options to add Vizaport scripts, but this guidance is intended to be generic that should be able to be used across any WordPress site.

If you have the ability to edit HTML in a footer, use your preferred method. You do not need to continue with the installation of a plugin.

Install a Plugin

Because of the many variations of WordPress themes, we suggest using a plugin that allows Javascript to be added to the footer.  You may choose form various plugins, but we will go with the simple one. Follow these steps:

  1.  In your WordPress admin panel select Plugins on the left.
  2. Select Add New Plugin
  3. Search for Insert Script in Headers and Footers
  4. Install and activate this plugin

Add the Script

These next steps assume you have installed and activated the Insert Script in Headers and Footers plugin.  If you have, then:

  1. Go to Settings menu in WordPress admin panel
  2. Select Insert Script and Headers and Footers from the Settings menu
  3. It will open a page that look likes the next image. Insert your script into the Scripts in Footer section and save.

In this example, we are using a Vizaport Chat Widget script which you get from configure widget page, but these steps should apply to any Javascript to be placed in WordPress.

Reminder: there are other plugins that can achieve this same functionality, or other methods of adding Javascript code. Use the method that you feel most comfortable. You may also find this video handy, with other plugins and methods.

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