AI Chatbot

AI chatbots engage users and save you time and money

AI Generated Answers

Allow your customers or employees to ask natural language quesitons such as:

  • “What is the size and weight of the Gizmo 200?”
  • “Can you tell me more about your company and its founders?”
  • “How can I schedule time to get an estimate from you?”

Telecom network analysis and optimization visualized through an AI-powered widget.

Key Features

Simple to train AI. Easy to install on your site. Engaging for your users.


Seamlessly automated, human-like conversations handled by an AI


A customized AI model answering questions your company’s current products and services


Easily implemented on your web site as a widget, with a single line of HTML code

Multilingual Text & Voice

Users text or speak questions, then see and hear answers, in their preferred language  

Call Transfer

 Allows transfer to a live person chat if the AI cannot answer the customers question


Analytics dashboard that tracks customer usage and AI responses

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Engage in Seconds

Website visitors and customers want answers fast. Our chatbot answers in seconds.

AI Automated Answers

Provide immediate answers to customers and employees:


  • Train the AI to answer questions about your products and services
  • Connect to existing knowledge base or provide new docs and web sites
  • Save time and resources when users receive AI-generated answers 
Digital visualization of network performance improvements in telecom via AI widget.
AI widget analyzing wireless network coverage and line-of-sight connections for optimized telecom services.

Simple to Install Widgets

Easily installed on your web site:


  • Chatbot appears as an icon or tab at bottom of page
  • Opens to be an AI-generated Q&A with user when opened
  • Implemented on a web site with a single line of Javascript

Call Transfer

When the AI is not able to answer a question:


  • Transfer the AI chat session to a live representative
  • Provide a contact form to respond offline to the user
  • Analyze AI responses and re-train to better answer in the future
Digital visualization of network performance improvements in telecom via AI widget.

Create Your Widget

Upload your data to and create a widget in minutes