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Showcase your web site information, products and services to customers in a digestible and interactive way.  Vizaport’s widgets start from simple AI-powered text chat widgets, to sophisicated AI-generated visuals. Select the features you want your customers to use when you configure your widget.

Key Features

From simple chat to sophisticated data visualization, Vizaport’s widgets allow you to grow and choose the ultimate AI strategy for you and your customers

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Chat and Visual AI Widgets

Unlock the potential of Vizaport with its user-friendly configuration, allowing easy training of the AI on your specific data.  Seamlessly integrate Vizaport anywhere on your website, offering a versatile and accessible solution for enhanced user engagement. Supports dozens of languages.

  • Simple tools to upload and train AI on custom data
  • Chat Widget for text-only AI responses 
  • Visual Widget for enhanced AI visualization of data

Natural Language Queries

Simplify complex queries effortlessly with our ‘Natural Language Queries’ feature. Whether speaking or typing, our AI engine interprets and contextualizes responses for a seamless experience beyond mapping. Tailor answers using sales and support documentation, ensuring precision in every interaction.

  • Natural language to SQL to perform database queries
  • Natural language to Graphing language to generate charts
  • Natural language to Drawing language to annotate maps
User engaging with Vizaport's natural language query feature for intuitive data interaction.
AI-powered customer support interface on Vizaport providing answers to pre- and post-sales queries, backed by a custom knowledgebase.

Image Analysis

Elevate your mapping experience with our ‘Image Analysis’ feature. Harness the power of AI-driven image analysis to obtain intelligent responses within your Vizaport view. This tool captures a snapshot of your current view, whether indoors or outdoors, and processes 3D images to provide valuable insights, answering your queries with precision and efficiency.

  • Analyzes images uploaded by user
  • Analyzes snapshot of any 3D view 

Vizaport Features Video


These tools can be selected during customization of the Visual Widget – you choose what to offer your customers

Add 3D

Add to 3D

Elevate your mapping experience with our ‘Add to 3D’ feature. Enrich 3D building models by adding realistic representations of 3d objects on maps such as: antennas, solar panels and structures. This interactive tool allows you to position and move these elements within the 3D space, offering a dynamic and accurate visualization of urban landscapes or project plans.

Add to Map

Our ‘Add to Map’ functionality brings your ideas to life directly on the map. Utilize simple text prompts to draw lines, circles, and various shapes, enabling you to annotate and customize your maps with ease. Whether for planning routes or highlighting areas, this tool provides an intuitive way to visually communicate spatial information.

add to map
Add 3D


Transform your mapping experience with our ‘Buildings’ feature, offering a wealth of information at your fingertips. Select any building or structure on the map to access publicly known details instantly. Dive deeper into your analysis with filters based on the height or number of floors, allowing you to tailor your focus to specific architectural characteristics. Additionally, streamline your search by filtering based on property type, distinguishing between commercial and residential properties.


Enhance customer experience with our ‘Calculator’ feature. Upload pricing formulas to train the AI, enabling automatic cost and savings calculations. Utilizing customer data, including location information, this tool empowers users with simple savings calculators. Make informed purchase decisions effortlessly by leveraging the AI’s ability to perform accurate and tailored calculations.

Fiber map
3D visualization of wireless coverage for real estate site analysis.


Explore new possibilities with our ‘Coverage’ feature. Calculate potential line-of-sight obstructions for wireless point-to-point networks, ensuring optimal connectivity. Check omni-directional wireless signal propagation and range for common frequencies. Visualize structures and terrain in real 3D to assess network sites and coverage potential, revolutionizing your planning and deployment strategies.

Fiber Plan

Visualize extensive fiber optic networks with our Fiber Map feature. Allow cusotmers to locate the nearest fiber, and calculate distance and costs to nearest fiber if necessary. Seamlessly create routes to nearby splice points and modify routes using drag-and-drop mapping techniques.

fiber route


Transform data into actionable insights with our Graph feature. Upload your data files and watch as they convert into clear, informative graphs. This tool supports various graph types, making it ideal for analyzing trends, comparing statistics, or simply presenting data in a visually engaging manner.

Line of Sight

Ensure clear communication and connectivity with our ‘Line of Sight’ feature. Estimate line of sight and obstructions between two points on a map with ease. Enter positions manually or click on structures, adjusting heights as needed. Utilize terrain and building information for accurate assessments, enabling effective planning and deployment of communication networks.

AI widget analyzing wireless network coverage and line-of-sight connections for optimized telecom services.


Accurately gauge distances on your map with our Measure tool. This feature is essential for precise planning and analysis, allowing you to measure the distance between multiple points or along specific routes. It’s particularly useful for spatial planning, logistics, or geographic studies


Unlock the potential of your mapping endeavors with our ‘Roof’ feature. Access up-to-date roof information and analyze roofs for solar potential. Evaluate roofs for optimal equipment placement, facilitating informed decisions and maximizing the efficiency of your solar projects.

Fiber map
Telecom network analysis and optimization visualized through an AI-powered widget.


Navigate your surroundings with precision using our ‘Route’ feature. Achieve accurate routing between two points for both streets and walkways, determining the shortest path effortlessly. Calculate route distances seamlessly, enhancing your mapping experience and simplifying navigation tasks.

Upload / Download

Optimize your workflow with our ‘Upload/Download’ feature. Intelligent uploading allows task execution based on file types, supporting images, spreadsheets (CSV), and map files (KML). Seamlessly download tables (CSV) and map files (KML), streamlining your data management processes and enhancing collaboration within your projects.

Fiber map

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