Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find commonly asked questions below, but try our own Chat Widget at the bottom to ask any question

How does your AI work?

Our AI engine is built on OpenAI, which is the platform for ChatGPT. By default, our AI engine can answer customer questions using public internet data. For increased accuracy, simply load documentation (e.g., pre-sales, operations, support) that your internal teams already use to answer questions. Vizaport will leverage your documents to train the AI engine to provide accurate answers.

How do I train the AI for my products and services?

After you register for Vizaport, you will be guided through the steps to load documents and web pages to train the AI on your company’s products and services.  You can upload various types of structured data (spreadsheets, XML) or unstructured data (documents, PDFs). There are step-by-step instructions to train the AI, preview your widget and then install on your web site.  

How do I install the widget on my web site?

While you do not need programming skills, you may need someone to help copy and paste a small piece of code. If you are a small business using website platforms such as WordPress, you can likely do this by yourself in a matter of minutes. The Vizaport team is always here to help you as well.

Our products require copying a line of HTML code. The Chat Widget utilizes a Javascript file and the <script> code can be placed near the footer of a web site. The Visual Widget requires space on a web page and the <iframe> code can be placed in the desired location of the page.

What is the difference between the Chat Widget and Visual Widget?

The Chat Widget is text-only and answers a user’s question about your products and services, by either responding in text or audio output. You can train the AI to answer these questions.

The Visual Widget includes the same training as the Chat Widget, and can answer questions as text or audio. In addition, it can be trained to visually respond to certain questions and commands with maps, graphs, images, 3D visuals and more. Visual responses are very helpful for certain industries, so we have customized the Visual Widget to work for certain use cases and industries and we will be adding more in the future.

What is the price?

Monthly pricing varies by the type of AI widget that you are using, its usage and your storage data used to train the AI. Please see pricing for the latest information.