Network Visualizer

Engage customers with AI-powered interaction for asking questions, generating and qualifying sales leads, and performing detailed network planning

AI Generated Networks

Allow your customers or employees to ask natural language quesitons such as:

  • “Do you provide Internet at my address: 101 Main St?”
  • “What is the cost to install fiber at my location? “
  • “When can you do the installation?”

Telecom network analysis and optimization visualized through an AI-powered widget.

Key Features

The Network Visualizer includes all of the features of the Chatbot, in addition to these exciting capabilities:

Sales Leads

Allow customers to check for network availability and potential costs, qualifying leads

Network Planning

Allow employees to plan networks efficiently, utilizing the power of AI and natural language

AI Knowledge Base

Allow customers and employees access to the knowledge base to answer any type of question

Watch the demo

Put the widget on your web site and let customers view their proximity to your network

Sales Leads

Qualify potential customers and generate sales leads:


  • Allow users to view your network and their proximity
  • Provide online estimates for installation or service
  • Redirect qualified users to the application process
Digital visualization of network performance improvements in telecom via AI widget.
AI widget analyzing wireless network coverage and line-of-sight connections for optimized telecom services.

Network Planning

Utilize AI features to quickly and efficiently build your network:


  • Design optimal routes for new network builds
  • Automatically calculate construction costs
  • Visualize networks in 2D and 3D modes

AI Knowledge Base

Provide immediate answers to customers and employees:


  • Train the AI to answer questions about your products and services
  • Connect to existing knowledge base or provide new docs and web sites
  • Save time and resources when users receive AI-generated answers 
Digital visualization of network performance improvements in telecom via AI widget.

Add the widget to your Intranet site and let your engineers quickly build new networks

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