Millions of web sites will upgrade to AI in the next few years.
Vizaport has programs for agencies and influencers.
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Web Agencies

If you are an agency or web developer, there is a significant opportunity to generate recurring revenue building an AI Services business to train an AI.


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If you are an influencer, check out Vizaport’s affiliate program. Refer users with a link with your affiliate ID and receive a commission.


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AI Services

Vizaport makes it easy to build a customized AI model for any company, using RAG and LLMs. However, an AI is only as good as its data. It takes training and continual re-training to keep up to date. An opportunity for a new business – AI Services.

Build a new business
Your existing clients will need help with initial AI training and continual analysis to re-train and improve the AI
Attract new clients
AI is hot. Agencies specializing in AI will have a unique opportunity to attract new clients in the next few years
Keep 100% of the AI Services revenue
Vizaport is the platform. You provide the services and keep all services revenue. If you sign up as an affiliate or a reseller, we also pay commissions for clients you refer to use Vizaport.
AI Services and Web Development Agencies

How Vizaport helps you

Free access to our widgets and tools to become the AI expert that will impress your clients

Free Widgets

Showcase AI to your clients by using AI on your own web site. Agencies get free access to Vizaport widgets if you are referring clients to use Vizaport

AI Platform

The user-friendly and affordable AI platform that allows your clients to have customized AI models, designed for their products and services


We share our knowledge through our blog and other tools to help you become an expert at AI Services.
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How to get started

Start by building an AI widget for your site to get familiar with the technology and show your clients. Then, begin building AI for your clients. 

Build AI for your site

Start with your web site to showcase AI:

  1.  Register with your company email*
  2. Train and customize your AI widget

* Vizaport creates an AI model for each unique company domain.

Contact us

  • Free widget: If you are an agency and actively referring clients, contact us for a code.
  • Resellers: If you are bundling your services with platform fees, contact us for reseller pricing.

Build AI for your clients

To use Vizaport for your clients:

  1.  Register with your client’s email*
  2. Receive a widget key for each client
  3. Build, customize and install on client site

* Vizaport creates an AI model for each unique company domain.