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Welcome to Vizaport! Enhance your WordPress website with our free and easy-to-use WordPress plugin. Explore the benefits of seamlessly integrating Vizaport AI Chat into your web site.

Plugin Discovery and Installation Instructions

  1. Navigate to the plugin directory in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Search for “Vizaport AI Chat” in the plugin directory.
  3. Click “Install Now” and then “Activate” to enable Vizaport AI Chat on your site.
  4. Find Vizaport Settings in your left hand admin menu and click it (or Settings in the plugin menu)

The remaining steps to configure and install assume you are on the Vizaport Settings admin page.

Step 1: Select an AI Model

Choose your AI model and configure the appropriate prompts

AI Model

The free version of the WordPress plugin supports to AI models: 1) Google Gemini and 2) OpenAI ChatGPT. While the plugin is free, you may be required to pay for Google or OpenAI by obtaining your own keys.

During 2024, Vizaport is offering Google Gemini for free without obtaining you own key under the following conditions: 1) you are limited to 10,000 chat requests per month, 2) you understand that the free access may be removed at any time, for any reason, and 3) you understand performance may take longer for chat responses when using the free version. If any of these conditions are a problem for your chatbot, we suggest the OpenAI model and that you obtain your own API key.

AI Prompt

The AI Prompt field allows up to 200 characters of prompt engineering that guides the AI to answer questions. This field is optional, but recommended for companies that want the AI to answer questions about their company.  However, please note that the AI may not have data about some companies, so this prompt may work for some companies but not others.  Here are examples of how you can guide the AI with AI prompts:


    • “Answer questions about <company name>”, replacing your company name in the prompt
    • “Always respond to questions using Spanish”
    • “If you do not know the answer, suggest they visit the help page at https://url”, replacing url in the prompt

OpenAI Key Instructions

If you have chosen the OpenAI model, follow these steps to obtain and configure your OpenAI key:


  1. Go to platform.openai.com and register/login.
  2. From menu (on left), select API Keys. 
  3. Complete verification (if needed)  by choosing Start Verification.
  4. Select “Create new secret key“.
  5. Go to Settings and ensure billing information is completed. 
  6. Go to Playground and test your key to ensure it’s working correctly.
  7. Copy and paste key into your WP plugin admin page (after activating it…)

Is the AI not answering questions correctly?

The free version is limited to an AI prompt that you give the AI guidance. It may know very little about your company or web site. Vizaport offers solutions to train an AI using documents, web pages and other data. To learn more click the button below to check out our Lite and Pro plans.

Step 2: Customize your AI Widget

Design the colors, text and placement of your widget and how it appears on your site.

Customizable Features

The optional second step is to customize your chatbot. You may skip this step if you prefer to use the default settings. The following are the features that can be customized (the details of each one are explained on the Vizaport settings page). You can preview these changes while in the WordPress admin page and it will not appear on your web site until Step 3. If you make any changes, remember to hit Save & Preview. 


    • Title text
    • Input text
    • Loading text
    • Default height
    • Default width
    • Default position
    • Widget color
    • Title color
    • User chat color
    • System chat color
    • Font size
    • Font type

Looking for additional features?

The free version is limited in features. Are you looking to customize the chat icon on your page? Add voice recognition and speech output? Allow handoffs to your live agent chat or email when the AI cannot answer the user’s question? Check out our Lite and Pro versions for these features and much more. 

Step 3: Add or Remove your AI Widget

Go live with the chatbot widget or remove it from your site in the final step

Adding the AI Widget

Please make sure that you have tested the AI widget on your WordPress admin page and are comfortable with deploying it on your web site. Once you are ready, simply press the Add Widget button. It will be placed at the bottom of your web site on the right (or left if you chose that setting) and will hover at the bottom until clicked upon.  

Removing the Widget

You can remove the AI widget, if already installed on your web site, by returning to your Vizaport Settings page and in this third step, simply select Remove Widget.

If you want to take the further step and deactivate and uninstall the Vizaport AI Chat plugin, proceed to your WordPress plugin page and follow the typical plugin steps for deactivating and uninstalling.

Want the AI widget on select pages, or embedded in your page?

The free version is limited placing the AI widget in your global footer, and thus appears on every page. If you need greater control over the pages that it is placed upon, or if you would like to embed a full-size widget on your page for text and visual AI features, please check out our Lite and Pro versions.