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If you spend human resources answering customer questions, see how much you can save with AI

AI Offload Savings

Savings $0 per month


To calculate your savings offloading inquiries to an AI:

  • Customer inquiries: The number of inquiries from a customer that is handled by a human (e.g. sales, support) each month.
  • AI accuracy score: This is a measure of an AI trained model to answer questions accurately about your products and services. A number from 0 to 1. We've defaulted to 0.5.
  • Cost per human inquiry: On average, how much does it cost when someone from your company answers a customer question?

Savings does not include the cost of an AI solution, but Vizaport pricing starts as low as $49 per month. Various options and features exist to help you improve your AI accuracy score, thus increasing your savings.

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