Solar Visualizer

Revolutionize solar with AI widgets for enhanced customer engagement, optimized energy solutions, and personalized recommendations on your digital journey

AI-Assisted Solar Sales

Allow your customers or employees to ask natural language quesitons such as:

  • “Show me what a solar installation looks like on my roof “
  • “What is the recommended number of panels?”
  • “How much can I save using solar in the next 20 years?”

Solar panel layout customization on a rooftop visualized through Vizaport, with network coverage and cost estimates, tailored for telecom applications.

Key Features

The Solar Visualizer includes all of the features of the Chatbot, in addition to these exciting capabilities:

Solar Visualization

Let potential customers visualize solar panels and configuration on their roof top

Online Calculator

Allow users to estimate the annual solar potential at their location and calculate their energy savings

AI Knowledge Base

Allow customers and employees access to the knowledge base to answer any type of question

Watch the demo

Put the widget on your web site and let customers visualize what solar looks like on their roof

Solar Visualization

Visualize customer properties:


  • Allow users to preview solar installations on their roof
  • Estimate solar potential for various rooftop angles
  • Let the AI select the optimal locations to place panels
Digital visualization of network performance improvements in telecom via AI widget.
AI widget analyzing wireless network coverage and line-of-sight connections for optimized telecom services.

Online Calculator

Utilize AI to gather data and generate a savings calculator:


  • Pulls solar potential data for customer location
  • Estimates current and predicted energy costs
  • Generates a simple savings calculator and graph of results

AI Knowledge Base

Provide immediate answers to customers and employees:


  • Train the AI to answer questions about your products and services
  • Connect to existing knowledge base or provide new docs and web sites
  • Save time and resources when users receive AI-generated answers 
Digital visualization of network performance improvements in telecom via AI widget.

Add the widget to your web site and let users calculate their solar potential and energy savings

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