Industry Templates

These templates can be used to upload data into Vizaport – search for your industry

Real Estate

Step 1: Identify the type of real estate asset to upload


Homes, condos, apartment buildings, etc.


Offices, retail, warehouses and more.


Towers, billboards and other vertical assets

Step 2: Download the corresponding template file and add your data (replacing the first sample row).
There are comments in the Excel file for each column for guidance.


Residential – Excel template


Commercial – Excel template


Structures – Excel template

Step 3: Important! Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file. Then login and upload the CSV file using the data loader

Internet Provider

Step 1: Create a KML or KMZ file. In most cases, Internet Providers already have these files.
Vizaport requires LineStrings to plot lines on maps. Points are optional for connection points.


Example KML

Step 2: Then login and upload the KML file using the data loader.

3D Products

Industries: Energy, E-Commerce, Retail

Vizaport supports… 

3D Products

3D views of standalone products (no background)

3D Visualization

Placement of 3D objects in maps for real world view

Step 1: Convert 3D files to GLB or GLTF format 

  • For 3D Products without a background, choose your preferred default angle
  • For 3D Visualization of objects that are placed on maps, scale object to real size and select a default direction pointing north

Step 2: Then login and upload GLB or GLTF files using the data loader.