Visual Widget

An AI that allows your customers to visualize your products and services

Interactive Data Visualization

Leverage AI-driven data visualization to convert leads and reduce human expenses. Enable customers to interact with complex datasets.

  • Do you provide Internet at my address: 101 Main St?
  • Show me 5 bedroom homes less than $500,000
  • What would your solar product look like on my roof?

Telecom network analysis and optimization visualized through an AI-powered widget.

Key Features

The Visual Widget includes all of the features of the Chat Widget, in addition to these exciting capabilities:


Natural language commands to produce visual results on 2D and 3D maps


Using natural language to generate graphs from APIs or uploaded data

Image Analysis

Using AI to provide intelligent answers when analyzing 3D views and imagery 

Data Visualization

Natural language to SQL and APIs to extract and present data in tabular or readable formats

3D Objects

Using commands to add 3D objects on realistic settings to visualize placement

and more...

There’s much more! Click here to see a complete list of tools that can be added to your Visual Widget.

Engage your Customers

Answer their questions. Make it simple. Make it visual.

Use Cases

Our Visual Widget is designed for industries where visualization is helpful for their users to understand products and services. Check out these examples:

Internet Providers

Visualize Internet routes, splice points and customer installations

Real Estate

Visualize properties in 3D, both indoor and outdoor, and ask questions


Visualize solar installation, roof analysis and savings calculators

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